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09-Oct-2019 19:55

Efforts to apply the quota to other branches of government have failed, and in fact Iraq has seen a progressive retreat since 2004 in the participation of women as cabinet ministers and in senior government posts.

But serving in parliament does not necessarily translate into wielding political influence, and only a small number of women MPs command a presence within the legislature, in their parties, and with the electorate.

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The Ministry of State for Women, a useful tool though not always effective, was abolished in 2014.Unemployment in Jordan for women is around 33% in urban areas and is even higher in rural areas.The Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Cooperative, which was founded by the Noor Al-Hussein Foundation in 1993, aims to make the women in the area financially independent and to raise their standard of living by increasing their income and preserving local heritage.This indoctrination persists even among educated professionals.

If they choose to enter the public sphere, they must first overcome internal mental and psychological barriers to self-assertion and independent resolve, and social barriers to public acceptability.Their influence is constrained by an entrenched culture of male dominance in politics and in society more broadly, the lack of early nurturing for leadership, and the absence of structures that support and enhance women’s leadership.

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