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13-Mar-2020 16:03

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[Through online dating] I met about 35 people face-to-face. On average they added new people in and even ended up with networks that were a little bit bigger.Waite on sex in later years: We look at people from their mid-50s to the mid-80s ...So all of a sudden physicians started taking their patients off of hormone therapy …

Ashley on dating after 25 years of marriage: When you are coming out of a marriage where there was very little intimacy, I didn’t feel beautiful or desirable anymore. The good news is I had girlfriends who were single and had been dating a long time, and they were telling me about all the dating sites and new ways to meet people … I guess as we’re getting older it is more of an issue because he’s 72 and I’m 57. Waite on maintaining social relationships as we age: With age, you lose people around you or they change. They become too sick to do the things you used to do, or they die.Inevitably, the body changes and so too do relationships.On this episode of the series “Embodied: Sex, Relationships and Your Health,” The State of Things guest host Anita Rao explores the impact aging has on intimacy, and offers a decade by decade look at shifts in bodies, relationships and attitudes.I was on Match and I tried Tinder and tried Ok Cupid ... And somehow you should pack it up at age 60 and concentrate on being somebody’s grandmother or somebody’s knitting partner. What we see in the National Social Life Aging Project is that people seem to use a lot of agency to deal with these social challenges.

It’s been a great experience for me the last year and nine months that I’ve been dating … Pepper Schwartz on aging and intimacy overall: The biggest cultural myth is that it’s not acceptable. Cutler on the 15-year age difference in his relationship: I didn’t think about the age difference very much. When we observed that people lost someone in their social network …The present diary study tested an intimacy-enhancing process, in which LD couples (a) engage in more adaptive self-disclosures and (b) form more idealized relationship perceptions than do GC couples in the pursuit of intimacy…