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31-May-2020 11:45

If you haven't been to Elena's Models for a while, this is what we have done since 2014: 1. You are free to share your direct contact details and date and talk off the site. We screen applicants vigorously before approval, so it's a much better system to protect our members, which saves you lots of time and emotional investment. All women are personally interviewed by phone or Skype.We increased the number of administrators to conduct pre-approval interviews, so now we talk to every lady.You could hire a gazillion employees in the Philippines and not come anywhere near 5,000 USD in terms of cost. Also, at the 5k package you dont even get hotel or airfare? It's not greed, its service in a way that only a foreign company can understand and I would have happily paid twice that for the service I have had over the last few months.You are made to feel at home and your even need is taken care of, from the moment you arrive."In terms of the owners information, he is an international businessman with interests in Europe and the Philippines." Sounds very sketchy to me. Check out my FUN video clips in Russia and Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind video series and Full Russia Trip Videos!ukrichard is the f***ing owner trying to pull the wool over our eyes. "I've seen western men in the Philippines blow 10K in one night." Have you seen that Winston? Ukrichard, Are you a successful client of this company? I dont know anyone who spends 3k USD on dinner in one night. Btw you said that all your clients needs are taken care of like VIP customers. Join my Ukrainian/Russian Women Dating Site to meet thousands of legit foreign girls at low cost! The trick is packaging it in a very attractive way that results in paying clients. Check out my FUN video clips in Russia and Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind video series and Full Russia Trip Videos!

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These are actual people who meet you at the airport, bus you around, interact with you, hell we even had dinner with the owner who spent a few hours with us, made us feel really at home. "It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne Hi Winston Not sure what part of society you move in but here is one site that charges up to 75K (US$), and google will give you five others in no time.Notwithstanding this, if you would like a European woman of the quality that is not available to you at home, go to Russia or Ukraine.Maybe also Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other post-USSR republics (they have lots of Russians who still live there, although there are some stunning Asian ladies as well, there were several Asian countries in the former USSR).Sure, its not for everyone but come on, complaining about the price?? kelleher-international(dot)com You get what you pay for. How is it that people can go out and blow 3000 dollars on dinner in New York for a night out with a few friends and then complain about 5000 for a partner for the rest of your life.

Look at the top end sites in the US charging 25K plus. I dont know of any dating site that charges that much. I've seen western men in the Philippines blow 10K in one night.

Women confirm their knowledge of English, that they have a passport to travel, the knowledge of our rules (no money requests for any reason), that they will be communicating with men on their own and that they registered themselves directly (no agents). Our Russian traffic has increased, as well as reputation in Russia. "Pay per letter" (PPL) is cancer in the body of international dating, which should be cut before it destroys it for good and sincere people.

Some people find it uncomfortable talking to strangers from different backgrounds or generation. More often than not, people prefer to join a phone sex line for the reason that they want to find someone locally in case things go well.… continue reading »

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