Internet dating for fat people

19-Oct-2020 16:42

I've gotten tricked once this way, she was clearly milking it for a free meal. For the women, it's usually poundage/age they lie about. clothing that's way out of date, "creative" camera angles (shots from above make the woman look thinner to the untrained eye).

I'm sure the women have similar horror stories about men on Internet sites.

She was a solid 200lbs overweight, with greying unkept hair, yet still in her early 40s.

Soon she became known for consuming an entire box of Oreos during every shift and doing so in full view of customers and managers.

)What was my surprise when a girl with the same face but a good 60-70 Lbs more arrived (instead of curves, she had one big curve...).

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Edit: I didn't mean to insinuate that all single moms are fat.

Two months ago a new coworker appeared at my old job.

Everybody was surprised as she wasn't the usual "attractive-but-not-imposing" type of associate that my former employer would typically hire.

I am watching her table when I see a server bring out two massive slices of cake, each with two scoops of icecream and whipped cream, some soda, and some beer.

She wolfs everything down as though she hadn't eaten in years.

However, what truely made her infamous was her petulant attitude and her constant mention of her MBA (even though she works an entry level sales associate job).

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