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The Sponge Rubber Products Company was bought out by B. The building reverted back to the rejuvenated Sponge Rubber Products Company in 1974, and was fortunately far enough away from the subsequent firebombing of the main plant of the SRPC a block south on Canal Street not to be destroyed in the explosion.bought by former employees of the Sponge Rubber Company, who formed Housatonic Everfloat, manufacturing foam rubber cushions, mats, and life preservers.

Housatonic Everfloat was bought out by a company called Spongex in 1985, which continues similar manufacturing operations in the old Silver Company building to the present day. Some are gone entirely, leaving behind weed and brick strewn lots.

At that time the Derby Silver Company works was known as "Factory B".

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The company made toilet articles, mirrors, combs, clocks, brushes, table and flatware, tea sets, children's cups, loving cups (trophies), candlesticks, fruit baskets, dishes, basically anything which was plated by or made of silver.

It is well suited for both formal and casual settings.

The Derby Silver Company was founded in 1872, and began operations on Shelton's Canal Street one year later.

The Company was noted for its large line of silver plated toilet ware and an economical line of plated hollowware sold under the popular trademark of the Victor Silver Plate Company.

In 1898, the plant merged with the International Silver Company, a consortium of Connecticut silver companies.

He recalls There were no coffee breaks, no time and a half overtime pay, no vacations, and no retirement benefits in those days. These ends would then be nailed together to make custom-sized boxes for whatever silver shipments were to be made.