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Become a benefactor for £250 or more and you could also be associated with a specific activity of the choir, such as a recording session or masterclass.If you are interested in supporting the choir, you can donate via our My Donate page here: Donate now Alternatively you can contact us for further information, or email [email protected] management are treated like second class citizens.This also a "the customer is always right" kind of place, they will bend over backwards to do anything for a customer but wont budge to do anything for an employee.You will get no support from corporate, if you have complaints they will tell you "there's the door, goodbye" there is also very much a retaliatory mindset from the CEO on down if you speak out.

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Cafe Intermezzo is a wonderful concept that is based upon a 19th century European Coffeehouse. Pay is .25/hr for baristas with a tip out added from servers. Its not a bad job, but there are definitely better options.Please note that if you donate £25 or more and select that you are willing to be contacted then we will get in touch to see if you would like to become a Friend of Intermezzo.We appreciate all of our supporters, whether or not they can contribute financially.You have to eat before or after your shift, no eating during said shift and we have to pay for our food.

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This company nickels and dimes its employees to death.If you are able to contribute to the work of the choir, consider joining the Friends of Intermezzo.