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26-Oct-2019 01:59

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A bride moves to her in-laws' home--the home of her grandmother or aunt--and is often comfortable among these familiar faces.Her husband may well be the cousin she has known all her life that she would marry.In most of North India, the Hindu bride goes to live with strangers in a home she has never visited.There she is sequestered and veiled, an outsider who must learn to conform to new ways.For example, in Madhya Pradesh, village exogamy is preferred, but marriages within a village are not uncommon.

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In South India, in sharp contrast, marriages are preferred between cousins (especially cross-cousins, that is, the children of a brother and sister) and even between uncles and nieces (especially a man and his elder sister's daughter).Generally, this transition, like everything else in India, depends little upon individual volition but instead occurs as a result of the efforts of many people.