How to keep java from updating

22-Aug-2020 09:32

For Liberty, you have more freedom to stay on your Java EE 6 platform.You can also mix and match Java EE 6 and Java EE 7 to the extent allowed as described in the Supported Java EE 6 and 7 feature combinations Knowledge Center article.Because migrating to JPA 2.1 is optional, only select the JPA rules if you are planning on changing implementations.When you run the latest Eclipse migration tool, you will notice that you can select a target Java EE version, which allows for selection of technologies that have known differences.As you write new applications for Liberty, take advantage of all the new features and functions the Java EE 7 platform has to offer.

Version 8.5.5 is available if you want to continue to use the Java EE 6 implementations.It also scans for other Open JPA to Eclipse Link differences.If you use the JPA object-relational mapping file rather than annotations, not all issues will be flagged.For Liberty and traditional Web Sphere, the Java EE 7 implementations for the following technologies changed: Implementation changes tend to cause migration issues because as different teams develop a technology, different interpretations of the specification are made and behavior differences are created.

The fundamental architectural difference between Liberty and traditional Web Sphere also affects Java EE 7 migration.If you need new JPA 2.1 functionality or you want the new Eclipse Link implementation, the Migration Toolkit has a set of rules and quick fixes for migrating JPA applications with data persisted using JPA 2.0 to work properly with JPA 2.1.