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TIME: Author: consnenchand August 20, 2010 – The Hoop Doctors Shaquille O' Neal is currently dating Nikki ' Hoopz' Alexander of reality show fame. Hoopz Nicole (Nikki) Alexander and Shaq O’Neal are dating claims a new report. I.; from what I have seen on some sites, this could. Is Shaq Dating Men who jump through hoops to impress gorgeous women - The Globe.

Slight height difference between Who is hoops dating - The Q&A wiki Introducing Shaq’s New Girlfriend Nikki ‘Hoopz’ Alexander. Not that I really care who Shaq is dating these days. According to TMZ: Shaquille O’Neal got more than he. Shaquill O' Neal and Hoops Shaq & Hoops Who Is Shaquille Who Is Shaq Dating 2012 Basketball with Shaquille Hoop Dating, Hoop Personals, Hoop Singles at Perfect 2011-12 season preview: Top 100 players in college basketball. Miley cyrus who is she dating now | Hoops4Life Hoop Theory Hoops from flavor of love says she has HIV?

(An aside: I have never seen a woman wearing large earrings and found it unattractive, or thought she would look better without them.

But on numerous occasions I have seen a girl wear them for the first time, and I found her noticeably more attractive.

I searched the internet for pictures of women with large earrings, and removed the earrings using a photo editor.

Then I compared the two pictures side-by-side to see if I could determine what it was exactly about large earrings that improved a woman's look.

Shaquille O’Neal was spotted having breakfast with (former) reality star from Flavor of Love, HOOPZ. yea there are dating they been daeting know 4 3 years.

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Being able to attract women doesn't make a man a douche any more than hoop earrings make a woman a prostitute; plenty of men are successful with women without disrespecting them and there are countless examples of gorgeous women that wear big earrings but aren't hoe-bags. Besides giving me an opportunity to share what is now my favorite expression of all time, the point of this post was to attempt to explain why hoop earrings make a girl look good.This does not mean there is no limit to who can benefit from them; but be liberal in deciding whether or not you can pull it off.) Although it is ostensibly the reason for this post, why large earrings make a woman so much more attractive is still a bit of a mystery to me - and the world at large, apparently, as I've recently learned from asking many woman about their choice of earrings, and trying all kinds of different internet searches for an explanation.I even did an experiment of my own in an effort to rid the world of such a confounding problem.Out of eight different workouts, hooping came in third for calories burned per minute, behind cardio kickboxing and boot camp.

However, the difference was less than 1 calorie per minute, or 30 calories per half hour.

At most, it is a reliable source of advice for women who want to improve their chances with the opposite sex.

I would dress as sexy as possible wearing heels, short skirts, panty hose with no panties and either halter tops or see-through blouses with no bra.… continue reading »

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