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It sounds like a profoundly uncomfortable watch, and hopefuly an insightful one.

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Dr Kelso is one of the supporting characters, but he is one of the characters central to the show, something that is shown by his many hilarious quotes.

I am woman in her very, very, very late 30s who has problems opening herself up to love.

There are dozens of characters that were vital to make the show the success that it was, and many famous television quotes from Scrubs were said by characters like The Todd (played by Robert Maschio), Ted (played by Sam Lloyd), and Dr Cox's acerbic and nasty wife Jordan Cox (played by Christa Miller).

In My Two Dads, Turk proved how well he knew her so they slept together for the first time.

In My Super Ego, Carla supported Turk when he froze in surgery.JD: You're not aware of some sort of underground canal system under the hospital, are you?

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