Henry william dalgliesh cavill dating

25-Jun-2020 10:11

More specifically, I’m having a proper British pint, a golden, glistening glass whose shimmering depths promise all the glory of that most fleeting of moments: the English summertime. We’re sitting in the sweltering beer garden of a pub in leafy Twickenham – near where England’s national team plays rugby union, the bone-crunching football-with-no-helmets battle royale often described as “a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen” — and 32-year-old Henry Cavill is drinking his second pint of pilsner top (a pilsner with a dash of lemonade) and radiating contentment. “If I suggested to an American journalist that we do an interview over a beer,” says Cavill, “they’d find it very weird.” (Full disclosure: I am also British.) Beer, wooden tables, small dogs.

But they’re also described as steadfast, honorable, and unfailingly polite. Before all that, however, Cavill appears onscreen as a character who couldn’t be more different from his clean-cut Kal-El.

It’s only during the final “leaning down” for the day of a shirtless shoot that food cravings begin to kick in, he says.

Visions of pints of beer and greasy food and candy bars begin to dance in his head. While filming “I don’t mind hardship; I consider myself reasonably tough,” he says. It’s hard.” At one point Twight had to intervene, pulling the star off set and returning him to a heated trailer – he’d noticed that Cavill’s lips were turning blue. Afterward, when he thanked Twight, the trainer pointed out that Cavill had been well on the way to pneumonia of hypothermia. “And that,” says Cavill, “was a mountain climber talking.” There’s never any pure downtime from this physical regimen. But he thinks he’s now mastered the pendulum of mass gain, fat burn, and recovery. Superman, I believe, can be a better story, but it requires 10 times the effort to get it right.

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“It’s only happened to me once,” he admits, “and it was very embarrassing.Give him a target date and a reasonable amount of time and he’ll get himself where he has to be. “But otherwise I’m going to enjoy my life.” Whether he’ll be allowed to is another matter. His dedication to these characters would warm the heart of any comics geek. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed that the big cheeses at the top care as much about the character as I do.” In the meantime, Cavill has his freedom, including the ability to work around in relative anonymity.

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