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07-Jun-2020 04:32

He's also stated that Arnold eventually finds out all that Helga did for him.

As explained in the episode "Helga on the Couch", Helga has loved Arnold since the two had first met.

This article refers to the relationship between Helga and Arnold.

While Helga constantly bullies Arnold and outwardly puts up the front that she pretends to hate him, she is actually deeply in love with him to the point of obsession, as she frequently stalks him and writes love poems about him, builds Shrines, and often speaks in dramatic monologues about her love for him as she admires him from afar.

However, because the other kids took note of this and began making fun of her affection, she immediately developed a mean front to avoid being ridiculed for having a softer, more sensitive side.

Another reason she continues to act mean to Arnold is so that her feelings for him stay secret, as she fears he will reject her.

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However, due to his kind nature, he tolerated her to a certain extent.

She hasn’t dropped in profound love and she’s enjoying her very own work.