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22-Feb-2020 19:23

As long as your focus is concentrated on completing the story, you will complete it in under 30 hours.

The multiplayer can also be frustrating, as you will want to stay organized to keep from going off-track.

Step 3: Time to finish all of your side quests that you may have not completed.

This includes street races, bridges, pigeons, stunt jumps, cars, and any other quests.

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Through the story, you should get Off the Boat, Lowest Point, Walk Free, Fed the Fish, Half Million, Impossible Trinity, Full Exploration, Gracefully Taken, That Special Someone, You Won! Step 1a: Most of the other achievements can be done after the story, however there is one achievement you will want to get early on to avoid a hassle.

You should get Genetically Superior, Courier Service, Order Fulfilled, Manhunt, Cleaned the Mean Streets, You Got the Message, Dare Devil, Assassin’s Greed, Endangered Species, Under the Radar, and No More Strangers.

Note #2: It may help to keep a checklist or use a guide for the completionist achievements such as pigeons, stunt jumps, random characters, and friends activities.

You should also get Cut your Teeth after this game.

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Step 2: Find some friends in the achievement trading thread and try and beat the times for the co-op games.Check out the excellent Key to the City guide if you are missing something and struggling to figure out what it was.

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