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On the left side of many of the chapters, as well as the right side of each of the major section headers, in the Table of Contents is a four character code. They also drive up in large Enforcers which carry up to four NOOSE Cops. [AGQ-S20] - In a courtyard at the north part of the Randolf Art Center. To your right should be a set of stairs that lead upward into the north part of the Randolf Art Center complex. At the northeast corner of this intersection is a Pill Pharm. [AGQ-S27] - On a metal overhang near The Meat Quarter Ron Oil Gas Station. Just as you get from under the bridge you should see an alley off to your left. At the northwest part of this intersection is Suffolk Curios. The Seagull is on the ground in front of the middle door for Didier Sachs. Just before you get there you will find the Seagull sitting on top of one of the shutter covers for the UTBNB building. This large office building has a large overhang with large pillars. Directions: Head to the intersection of Butterfly Dr. At the north part of this three-way intersection is a break in the fence. Go to the northeast end of this planter to find the Seagull. Stop about ten feet before you get to the billboard, climb the concrete railing, and head north until you reach the cliff where you will find the Seagull sitting nearby. [FIA-S44] - On the guardrail for the off-ramp for Francis International Airport. About halfway down the off-ramp you should see the Seagull sitting on the guardrail to your right. Broker (BKR) 0XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0 [BKR-S45] - On a platform behind a large graffiti covered building along Dukes Boulevard. There should also be some construction in front of this building. Bring up his name in the Phonebook and select Gun Van. Here I will list all of the weapons he carries in his van.

Press the Right Analog Stick Button to activate the weapon's zoom feature.0===========================================================================0 /XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 0====================0 | Additional Sources | 0====================0 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/ --"Liberty City Guidebook" (Game Manual) --"Episodes From Liberty City" (Game Manual) --Game FAQs "Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned" Forum /XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 0==========================0 | Additional Contributions | 0==========================0 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/ --zombie95 --Avenged Sevenfold --Jos Rosales --Glen T. If you do not do anything within three seconds you will be arrested by the Cops. The Seagull is sitting on the overhang for this business. Climb up the steps and you should see a large building with a red colored base and the graffiti "Indie" scrawled on it. At the northwest corner of this intersection is a group of homes. At the northeast part of the Gas Station area is a small group of Pharte Gas tanks. Proceed forward about 80 feet to find the Seagull on the ground nearby. From this corner, head west about 80 feet to find the entrance for this building which should be to your left. Go into the alley and forward until you get to the short wall then jump over it. [BKR-S49] - On a set of stairs at a group of houses. The Seagull can be found on the SECOND set of stairs near ground level. It will be left inside the Clubhouse for you to pick up.