Good body language dating

07-Apr-2020 02:29

That said, the way body language is interpreted largely depends on the intention and perspective of each person, she explains.

A lot of things factor into whether or not you have a good first date, but one aspect that gets a lot of attention is body language. It’s enough to make someone put away the cocktail dress, pull out the sweats, and cuddle up with the least demanding bae, your TV.

And considering that research has shown more than half of what we convey in social interactions is through nonverbal posturing, it pays to be mindful of what your body is “saying.” To avoid unintentionally appearing standoffish on your next date—and confusing your love interest about your intentions—I asked relationship experts to share some of the unconscious body language mistakes people often make when they’re out with someone they’re into.

With your most powerful presence on display, you may just find that more of your first dates end in a smooch.

Power poses were introduced to the world in a 2012 TED Talk by Amy Cuddy and they’ve gained massive popularity since then, probably because they’re a quick, easy way to help people feel great about themselves.

All you have to do is stand like a superhero, hands on hips, for a couple of minutes. Professor Cuddy’s research showed that posing the body powerfully made people feel more confident going into high pressure situations like an interview, presentation — or date.

Basically, you’re expected to jump into a potentially intimate situation with a complete stranger and show off your best self before you know whether you two have chemistry.

But while I absolutely understand that impulse, if you’re looking for a romantic partner then it’s very unlikely you’re going to meet that person on your couch.

So you have to rewind a few steps — like back to friendship touching, then work your way back up.”So far, so good, right?

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