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02-Oct-2020 04:40

They also contain additional tips and help for newer members to read, such as a definition of backseat moderating, definitions of SPAM, and an etiquette guide by former WQ Moderators Rikkuzilla (formerly Faybrin and Rikku) and Songdog.Like many other forums, the Wolf Quest forum utilises roles in the form of usergroups and offers ranks based on post count, that are exclusive to certain membership defaults, or that are earned as a reward.

The forum is available to anyone and everyone from the Wolf Quest homepage by clicking the 'Community' button on the navigation menu found on the left side of the page.The same e-mail address in use by their 2.7 game account may be used for their forum/2.5 account.The Wolf Quest community is divided into three separate user bases.It is better managed by WQ Admin and reports are handled frequently.

Players centered around the old, free and outdated game: 2.5.1 and below.With positive attitude and behaviour, it is possible for members to reap some rewards for their continued efforts.

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