Gabe saporta dating william beckett

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Sometimes I keep William Beckett locked up in the basement for a while. It used to be called Lovers In A Basement, but they changed it to Snakes On A Plane." Yea, pretty much. Alex and Ryland(who are reading the question) exchange a look and elbow each other when they finish, and Gabe goes "I'm...

confused by the question." Ryland reads it off again, but says it quickly and quietly with a weird look on his face and goes "I don't know." Gabe does some disbelieving wave with his hands and goes "... It's true.(Ryland goes "yea.") I don't get what the big fuss is about, it's not a rumor." and shakes his head a little.

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While in college, Blackinton had a minor role in a short educational film entitled Credit Card Monster, in which he played a talk show host discussing the top ten dangers of credit card usage.

He inspired and originated the character of Declan Hennessey in Jason Chimonides' The Optimist, which premiered as a workshop production during FSU's New Horizon Play Festival on June 12, 2004.

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