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11-Nov-2020 16:44

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The way that people meet, communicate with one another and form connections is ever changing. In the years since eharmony launched in the UK in 2008, the country has undergone widespread transformation, having weathered the worst of the financial crash, seen major political changes and witnessed generational pressures, as both older and younger minds increasingly challenge the somewhat turbulent status quo.In previous reports we have compiled with Imperial College looking at the Future of Dating, we’ve looked at everything from full-sensory virtual dating, behaviour based matching, to wearable technology and the smart home.As age is such a key part of understanding how the changing demographics of the UK will have an impact on our love lives and dating, the report is divided into three categories.

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Notably, increased life expectancy, the fusion of cultures, the rate of cohabitation and emerging technologies will provide compelling new opportunities for innovation.To a far greater extent than the present day, using online dating services will be second nature for those aged 35 and up.Meanwhile, new tech-innovations will offer increasingly adventurous, digital-dating experiences.Similarly, a study from Santander (2016) predicts that by 2030, 5% of UK housing stock will be valued at £1 million or more.

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While there are no guarantees that the UK will not see a housing crash before 2050, with the national population expected to continue growing and to reach 77.5m – the largest in Europe – by 2050 (ONS, 2015), demand will remain high.Crucially, on the domestic front, shared space will make romantic relationships more challenging for this generation.

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