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03-Aug-2020 09:07

here is a new scammer this is a Black woman, hopeing you will beleave her in that u beleave in god, and is using this to defraud you! But I have blocked her and she can not use the site. totosexy5 ( AM): Hello totosexy5 ( AM): am ok totosexy5 ( AM): u?This is an IM meassage nigerains love it, because you maynot have time to think. kasart1964 ( AM): grate kasart1964 ( AM): what are you going to do to day?He is best known for his career at Chelsea, for whom he has scored more goals than any other foreign player and is currently the club's fourth highest goal scorer of all time.His reputation was marred amidst accusations of cheating during Chelsea's 2–0 win over Manchester City.Replays showed that he had used his hand to control the ball before scoring the second of his two goals.Should you trust a nigerain that Uses God in there profile? Let me tell you this I have gotten the true pic of the scammer behind the scams.

totosexy5 ( AM): i am sarah totosexy5 ( AM): i am single, no kids and never married totosexy5 ( AM): u got kids ?totosexy5 ( AM): yesz but they live in germany kasart1964 ( AM): lol kasart1964 ( AM): boy people move around totosexy5 ( AM): yes totosexy5 ( AM): my late parents started the art business ] totosexy5 ( AM): what do you like in a woman ?kasart1964 ( AM): like a woman to give me a kiss ever once in a while for no reason but to say she cares kasart1964 ( AM): i like romantic, ladys kasart1964 ( AM): nice people totosexy5 ( AM): cool totosexy5 ( AM): i like my man to be nice totosexy5 ( AM): caring totosexy5 ( AM): loving totosexy5 ( AM): romantic totosexy5 ( AM): hard working totosexy5 ( AM): God fearing totosexy5 ( AM): and cheerful totosexy5 ( AM): with a big heart kasart1964 ( AM): cheerful is hard to do sometimes you no kasart1964 ( AM): know kasart1964 ( AM): but if the other person has good humor and know them totosexy5 ( AM): yeah kasart1964 ( AM): well i need to go get my check from work kasart1964 ( AM): i realy like you totosexy5 ( AM): ok kasart1964 ( AM): i hope we meet some time totosexy5 ( AM): yes we shall kasart1964 ( AM): bye totosexy5 ( AM): hello sweetie kasart1964 ( AM): hi how are you?kasart1964 ( AM): he did fruad on my kasart1964 ( AM): contact totosexy5 ( AM): sorry about that kasart1964 ( AM): so you live alone?

totosexy5 ( AM): yes i live alone in the house my late parents left me totosexy5 ( AM): i am new in the states i just relocated six weeks ago from london to idaho falls kasart1964 ( AM): where in london are you from totosexy5 ( AM): i live in london in england kasart1964 ( AM): ok kasart1964 ( AM): sorry kasart1964 ( AM): i have only ever been to two other countrys kasart1964 ( AM): i know who lonly you can get totosexy5 ( AM): ok totosexy5 ( AM): i am the only child of my late parents totosexy5 ( AM): i lost my parents 3 months ago in a fatal car accident kasart1964 ( AM): i sorry kasart1964 ( AM): i lost my father when i was 6 or so kasart1964 ( AM): i have two sisters kasart1964 ( AM): 1 is your age totosexy5 ( AM): thanks for your care totosexy5 ( AM): am sorry about your father kasart1964 ( AM): do you have any one like uncles?He also scored five goals in that season's UEFA Champions League and six in the UEFA Cup.

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