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They might not want to keep playing with the free membership because you can't access everything on Moshi Monsters with a free account. You can get a free account, registering on the official website (This account will start as a free account, you may choose to upgrade this account to a paid membership account to unlock more areas, items, quests, etc.If you have a free Basic membership account and have activated your account then it will not expire.If you have a paid membership account then it depends on how you are paying for membership.If you used a Moshi Time Card, your paid membership account will expire when the time runs out.If you charged your membership and did not set up automatic renewal, your account will expire at the end of the amount…

When you have a free trial membership, you have access to a paid Moshi Member account.There is no "legal" way of getting free membership. Usually, sites that claim to provide you with a free membership will scam you.Your credit card information and your account information would be gone.There is a sentence at the top of the page that says: The basic version of Moshi Monsters is free (sign-up here).

Click on the 'sign-up here' to get a free Basic Membership.The images we record during your scan are on a CD which is given to you after your examination or will be posted to you.

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