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19-Nov-2020 14:22

Right wing groups and conservative groups have challenged the decision to include sexual orientation with the head of the Association for Protection of Parental Rights (VORP) believing that homosexuality is a ‘deviation’ that can be ‘cured’.

The Czech Republic has one of the lowest prevalence rates of HIV/AIDs in Europe with sex workers and drug-users who use needles being at highest risk.

There are over 800 brothels operating in the country with numerous strip clubs, gentleman’s clubs and erotic bars and salons.

You can also find sex shops selling a wide range of toys and bedroom accessories.

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More recent studies conducted in 2013 by The Pew Research Center in their Global Attitudes Project revealed that the Czech Republic is the most morally accepting country in the world.The origins of the phrase ‘Bohemian’ when referring to something as spirited, artistic and nomadic are actually from an area within the Czech Republic known as Bohemia.

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