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04-Dec-2019 03:17

(I was worried she had been self harming as we had issues a couple of years ago with that as well as confiding to a friend that she had times when she wished she wasn't around anymore.) Turns out she was using a fleecy blanket as a nappy.

Her pj bottoms weren't on and she rushed to put them in the washing basket as she had spilt something on them.

I had an extremely awkward conversation with her because I needed to put a halt to the web chat thing.

I don't know if she has actually used the chat facility, but there was certainly an option to talk to like minded people.

She said she had watched a programme about it and that she liked it.

I didn't pass any comment about the actual fetish, but concentrated on the Internet safety aspect. I went into her room to say good night and she was just behind the door.

She pushed it shut to stop me coming in and sounded extremely agitated.

I asked her what she was doing and she was close to tears but kept saying nothing. I told her that even if it was embarrassing, that she should just tell me.

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But she must, must be persuaded to talk to you, her lovely mum.Likewise if transgender is something she is seriously thinking about, back off and let her come to you.

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