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30-Dec-2019 00:38

I find men my own age are in their happy hunting ground when pursuing prospects a good 15 to 20 years younger than they are – or more pertinently, than I am.

This, by extension, explains why I am catnip to octogenarians.

A date with an elderly actor materialised, and I skipped along to the West End with high expectations of an evening filled with interesting theatrical discourse … After that his (beautifully enunciated) conversation came with a side order of .

When, at the end of our meal, he invited me back for coffee, I said “yes”.

Alright, I’m not stupid and I know “coffee” can mean all sorts of things, but I felt safe.

Labeling itself as “The Offline Dating Site,” it focuses on date or outing options, and then allows users to meet over these ideas.

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Users can submit their own ideas, select from ones the site creates or browse through options submitted by other folks. cities with discounts on particular venues or events.

That means, you can select “dating” or just aim to look for concert buddies, someone to discuss bands with or even friends in a particular city.

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