Formview not updating sqldatasource

04-Apr-2020 11:52

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I am guessing this is bad placement of the radcodeblock?

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Using a Form View with a Sql Data Source, I'm attempting to Update data by calling a stored proc in code behind.Because of that developer have full control over layout and it is pretty easy to add validation capabilities.Form View control is by default located in Visual Studio toolbox, inside Data tab.I followed the example in the documentation (ms-help://MS. NETFramework.v20.en/cpref16/html/P_System_Web_UI_Web Controls_Form View_Data Key.htm#code Example Toggle)to get the primary key of a record that was just inserted. You need to extract the from your SQL query or Stored Procedure. I also have a couple of other examples that may help you but it all depends on if you are using a Data Source Control or not. Shipper ID = SCOPE_IDENTITY();"oninserted="sds Suppliers_Inserted" selectcommand="SELECT * FROM Shippers"thank you ec... I am a bit confused that the documented way does not work.

The record inserts into the table correctly, but I can't get the Data Key ..... Line 24: Protected Sub Form View1_Item Inserted(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. ASPX "insertcommand="INSERT INTO Shippers(Company Name, Phone) VALUES (@. In the Form View, the normal course of action after INSERT is to return to the Read Only view of the data. I may suggest that you handle the Rad Window "On Client Close" event and fire the AJAX request there.

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