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05-Oct-2019 23:53

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Talk to mixed race couples where you live to see what your community finds acceptable.

You will need a social group when you find your perfect match so plan ahead.

The partner to a Filipina needs to have charm, wit and intelligence.

This is assumed because you are smart enough to get to Philippines and charming enough to capture her heart so foreigners start with an advantage here.

The Philippine parents will be proud to have a foreign man marrying into their family.

They will see you as the rich relation and they may hit you up for a loan to buy some pigs or build a sari-sari store.

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You can accept or say no to these requests regardless of the age gap between you and your Filipina spouse.If you are looking at Philippine women and you want children you are probably looking at a lady aged from 20 to 40. A 20 year old girl, looking for a man aged 40 to 60, may find herself attracted to a man who is 60 and looking for a lady aged 20 to 40. On the other hand a 40 year old Filipina, looking for a man aged 40 to 60, may find herself attracted to a man who is 40 and looking for a lady aged 20 to 40. With some exceptions, 18 is the age when a girl can legally date a foreign man.

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