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20-Dec-2019 10:58

Upon realizing that it was Yang Mi who would be his costar, Ethan said, “I haven’t filmed a drama in a while, but after hearing that it would be Mimi, I immediately accepted the opportunity! An action-packed story, Ethan was involved with many stunts throughout the show – one, in particular, was an intricate action scene with Yang Mi in a bath.

Reportedly, the scene was so physically demanding that Ethan ended up passing out several times. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

She further comments that Liu is "an absolutely good person" and "someone who brings her happiness," which is why there was an outpour of congratulations over the 34 year-old actress having said her I Do's.

She recently spoke up through her manager to address her rumored marriage.

Sure the hairstyles and fashion choices are outdated and rather lulzworthy to revisit but the raw charm of so many of those leading men remain undeniable and evident onscreen.

According to reports, Ethan lowered his asking price to 3 million yuan in order to be compete for the drama’s lead role.

On October 25, paparazzi spotted Bo-Chieh leaving the apartment building of Tiffany’s place.