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Estelle has released several critically acclaimed records and received a Grammy Award.

Her mother's family came from Dakar, Senegal, and her father is from the Caribbean island of Grenada, when they were French and British colonies respectively. Estelle's parents were very religious when she was growing up, and secular music was not allowed in the family's home.

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Local hero Skitz asked her to appear on his 2000 album, Countryman, and soon she landed on albums by artists such as The 57th Dynasty and Blak Twang.

By the time she was in her early 20s, she had decided on a music career.

Estelle got her start in London's renowned hip-hop record store Deal Real.

Estelle is an amazing talent, and she's going to do big things." The lead single, "Wait a Minute (Just a Touch)", released in November 2007.

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In 2008, Estelle rose to fame with her collaboration with rapper Kanye West, titled "American Boy".Turn down the lights, give you all of my love tonight Let's do what lovers do, oh I'm ready for you I don't want to waste my time So don't make me beg tonight Don't keep me waiting for love (Never, never, never, girl) Won't you come over, love? (Show you) Promise I got enough (Uh-huh) to give you all that you need, baby (I know you got it, girlfriend) So many search to find (Search to find), a love that's good as mine (Good as mine) (Uh-huh!