Error validating location org tigris subversion javahl clientexception mac

21-Apr-2020 17:19

The weird thing was that I wasn’t getting the error when performing a checkout via the command line.

Thanks to Google (again), I found the solution here: “Re: Problem Mac/Eclipse/Subclipse” after several combinations of search keywords.

I'm ok with using Java SVN if I have to, but I was told that Java HL will always be faster because the libraries are native.

Subclipse and Subversion support for Mac OS X and SSH has really improved in the last 6 months since I last checked. Bradley ------------------------------------------------------- Bradley Mitchell Wagner Software Developer Hannon Hill Corporation main: (678) 904-6900 ext.

The solution is simply to modify the SVN Interface from Java HL (JNI) to SVNKit (Pure Java).

Based on: Installation of Subversion on Windows First, I want to install Subversion on Windows (don't blame me :-).

error validating location org tigris subversion javahl clientexception mac-81

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However, if I try to svn ssh to connect, I don't even get the prompt to enter my password or private key JNI calls (native library call) adds some overhead.