Error updating view b tree structure is invalid

23-Aug-2020 19:09

or ancestor operator to count the number of descendant nodes on a given branch. Today I’ll show you how to delete, move and copy branches from one place to another in your tree, using in combination with other LTREE functions.

The material covers a wide range of scenarios and possible actions.

The return structure from the example above contains a list of the documents created, here with the combination and their revision IDs: The bulk document update procedure is similar to the insertion procedure, except that you must specify the document ID and current revision for every document in the bulk update JSON string.

For example, you could send the following request: to each document ID/revision combination within the submitted JSON structure.

Notice that I was able to calculate in the tree table with a single SQL statement!

error updating view b tree structure is invalid-32

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Postgres applied the function to all of the matching paths for me. Replication of documents is independent of the type of insert or update.