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16-Jul-2020 09:17

Open Source means that you get the source, but that there is no formal support organisation to help you when things go wrong. These messages exchange structured information between SOAP systems.Messages consist of one or more SOAP elements inside an envelope, Headers and the SOAP Body.SOAP has two syntaxes for describing the data in these elements, Section 5, which is a clear descendant of the XML RPC system, and XML Schema, which is the newer (and usually better) system.Axis handles the magic of converting Java objects to SOAP data when it sends it over the wire or receives results.Axis implements the JAX-RPC API, one of the standard ways to program Java services.If you look at the specification and tutorials on Sun's web site, you will understand the API.

Axis also provides extension features that in many ways extends the JAX-RPC API.

A lot of problems with Axis are encountered by people who are new to Java, server-side Java and SOAP.

While you can learn about SOAP as you go along, writing Axis clients and servers is not the right time to be learning foundational Java concepts, such as what an array is, or basic application server concepts such as how servlets work, and the basics of the HTTP protocol.

Things you need to know before writing a Web Service: Axis and SOAP depends on all these details.

If you don't know them, Axis (or anyone else's Web Service middleware) is a dangerous place to learn.It is also useful to have written a simple web application, as this will give you some knowledge of how HTTP works, and how Java application servers integrate with HTTP.

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