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Larry Squire, a professor of psychiatry and neuroscience, and Eric Kandel, a neurobiologist and Nobel prize winner in medicine, demonstrated that there are three areas of the brain involved in the early stages of learning a new skill or procedure: the prefrontal cortex, the parietal cortex, and the cerebellum.These three areas allow the learner to pay attention, to execute the correct movements, and to sequence steps.If scaffolding is properly administered, it will act as an enabler, not as a disabler" (Benson, 1997, p. According to Greenfield (1999), The scaffold, as it is known in building construction, has five characteristics: it provides a support; it functions as a tool; it extends the range of the worker; it allows a worker to accomplish a task not otherwise possible; and it is used to selectively aid the worker where needed. 118) Dixon, Carnine, and Kameenui (1993) remind us that effective scaffolds must be "gradually dismantled" in order to remain effective (p. However, if scaffolds are dismantled too quickly, learning does not occur and the learner becomes frustrated in the process.

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Today’s patch notes are a bit long, so know that before diving in below.Spawning naturally in the world will come in a future update.