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And the Life Coach spends more time coaching than being in an equal partnership. the energy shall align to unite two souls in the most auspicious, unexpected way. Who wants to work all day Coaching, then have to do it in their relationship too? You set the very specific intention about what you wish to manifest in a partner, and you let it go. IN5D relationships are so different in what partners value in one another. They want a fully committed, loving relationship that has mutual respect and support on the same vibrational frequency. There are so many souls looking to share their love with an equal partner. 💞 And yet, there are so many souls already in a loving relationship, in which they take one another for granted, and don’t put in the time, energy, or effort to keep the relationship alive and Blissful. If you’ve got one of these relationships already, be blessed that you do. You want to meet someone who’s done the amount of work on themselves as you have, so they can meet you where you are in a cohesiveness high vibrational frequency.You want to meet someone who is cognizant of their energy and how it affects others.You’re to a point where connecting with someone on an intellectual level becomes priority, as boring, mundane conversation just doesn’t work anymore here.

And even for some, if they meet that equal partner, they still want to have their own scared space, not living together; some do, some don’t. I know men who are enlightened, and have done massive amounts of work on themselves to get to a good place, feel the same way and are tired of the shallowness they get from some women in the dating world. Or who knows, maybe there will be a sparked connection made right here in the comments section.

The website contains more information, updated reviews, and information about pheromone colognes and perfumes.

So it’s not a “goodbye” – it’s just a “hey, we’ve got a new address! It has given me a lot of ideas for the future, and allowed me an open way to discuss my findings and thoughts on pheromones and pheromone products.

Being non judgemental, and accepting of each one’s path leaves the door open for complete transparency.

However, most guys will still try to lie to boost themselves up to a woman they’re interested in. The world of dating has become absolutely ridiculous when “most” men, and I say most because it’s not all men, just want a hook up, and it’s all about sex. When you’ve reached a level where sex is an intertwining of energies, and a complete unity bonding experience, someone who comes at you with hook up lingo gets the door slammed in their face!Give 100% to the relationship to keep it alive and Blissful, because trust me….