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22-Dec-2019 10:15

When you have finished planning your project and before it begins it is a good time to save this ‘snapshot’ as a baseline.

Load up your project and click on File at the menu on the top and then on Save Baseline button You will see a pop-up window with the following: In a project you can have many baselines (up to 10).

If such a problem occurs click on the connection arrow and ok in order to fix the connection.

Something else that you must pay attention to is that sometimes days might not be correctly recalculated.

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Select all of the numbers in the Pivot Table and apply currency formatting as desired, such as US dollars, for example.To do this, complete the following additional set of steps: The next time you open a project in Microsoft Project and want to use your new custom Cash Flow report as a replacement for the old Cash Flow report found in previous versions the software, you can find your new Visual Report template in the dialog, such as shown in Figure 9.Before you create the new Cash Flow report, remember to click the Select Level of Usage Data pick list at the bottom of the dialog and choose a selection such as Months.One of the useful new features introduced in Microsoft Project 2013, and continued in the 2016 version of the software, is the Dashboard Reports feature.

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This feature replaces the old paper-based reports feature found in Microsoft Project 2010 and all previous versions of the software.

You will notice that below Calendar choice are three options: Use default: Use the calendar’s default option for this day Non-working time: Ignore the calendar’s default option for this day and make this a non-working day Non-default working time: Ignore the calendar’s default option for this day and make One of the most common changes that people want to apply at the calendar is to exclude National Holidays from the calendar.