Edison chen and gillian chung dating Senior aunties chatting

31-Dec-2019 15:56

She is the niece of Albert Yeung, the triad boss of a huge Hong Kong entertainment group who control almost half of the stars in the industry.Vincy is still schooling in Boston, US and has stood by her man since the photos scandal.Chinese paparazzi spotted Gillian in Shanghai, where Gillian showed up at a private basketball game.

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She also slammed another "denial involvement woman", Taiwanese Pop Singer, Elva Hsiao Ya Xuan for making unwanted "dead" swearing and claimed she did not need to resort to that. but that time i was young and i do stupid things .. and she said F**K you for stalking on her and stuff? i think he doesnt mean it....because his grammer is different.. XD and its his fault for keeping them in his computer..

i think those people who got arrested might be set free soon... Edison Chen sex photo has been posted up in internet.. x D this is a video of him talking about the pictures.

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