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10-Dec-2019 14:26

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They know boys and girls are the very best customers. A glass of water is worth more than gold to a person who’s dying of thirst, but it’s worthless to the person who doesn’t need it. If you never allow a boy or girl to desire something, he or she will not fully enjoy the pleasure of receiving it.

But by giving in to this pressure, parents may actually deprive their children of pleasure. If you give him a tricycle before he can walk, and a bike before he can ride, and a car before he can drive, and a diamond ring before he knows the value of money, you may actually have deprived him of the satisfaction he could have received from that possession.

“Don’t think—just follow your heart” was the prevailing attitude.

That foolish advice has ruined many gullible people.

Children need to be protected from adult programming, and yet almost four out of every ten kids have parents who don’t really know what they’re watching.

I fear that situation will come back to haunt us for years to come.

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In the late 1960s, the phrase “If it feels good, do it” made its way around the counterculture.

It meant, in effect, that a person’s flighty impulses should be allowed to overrule every other consideration.

There’s been considerable debate in recent years about television rating systems.

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That kind of information is desperately needed by parents who want to protect their kids from harmful content, and I’m among those who believe that the present system just doesn’t get the job done.

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