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23-May-2020 06:12

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At any time, you can click someone's name in the chat area, if they have said anything, to open up the list of options for interacting with them in the user list.

If they haven't said anything, just scroll the user list, find them there, and click their name. We can open a private message session, whisper, view a user's profile, block them, report them to moderators if they've done something that is against the rules, or add them to our friends list.

So, now that we're back at the main chat room, we might want to send private messages to other users directly without leaving the flow of chat.

Click the user's name, and select "whisper" to do this, just like how "whisper" messages work on most chat sites.

Helpful tip: Type the first letter or two (or however many you feel like) of someone's username, then press your tab key, if you have one.

The chat client will automatically complete the name.

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You can see in the menu/navigation bar at the top that we're in a new tab, and that we are also still, in the background, in whatever chat rooms we were in when we initiated the private message.

This will automatically fill the input field with the preamble needed to send a whisper message to any user, which you can also feel free to key manually, ie "/w vitriolicv".

Type your message, starting after this preamble, and press your enter key.

Upon first entering the chat, after a brief loading sequence, this is what you will see.

You will have been automatically joined to the room you elected to start from, but you can always join other rooms -- even all of them, if you'd like.If we have many private chats open that we would like to navigate between, the conversations menu, third from the left on the menu/navigation bar, marked ✉, shows us a list of every private message session that we have open, and we can select from it any conversation that we would like to return to.

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