Death note dating sim walkthrough

10-Nov-2020 19:44

In practice, you can only actually get enough for personal info on Nao, Q-taro, Reko, and Gin.

Any attraction with Q-taro: 10 Q-taro, -10 Sara (only once, and must have 10 Sara tokens) Stay On Target with Reko: 30 Reko (removes Reko from Day 2 Noon negotiations, and she's only available as a partner prior to then - basically, you can't do both) At the Prize Exchange, you can spend 50 character tokens for that character's personal information, 20 tokens for a victim video (three in all), 30 tokens for Clear Chips (up to two, must be bought during "attraction time"), and 10 tokens for the Easy Ticket (makes attractions easier).

" Use VS to contrast Keiji's new statement with Q-taro's. Use the dart-loaded Revolver on the dartboard in the Game Room to win the Left Leg. Wipe its tears with the Torn Paper to get the Flathead Screwdriver. So when you repel them is irrelevant to when they reappear.) Return to the Central Hall. Switch the weight on the left scales, then go to the red "Sp" room to get the Bath Stopper from the drained bath. You get 1 Clear Chip from every attraction except Memory Dance, which gets you 2. You lose 10 for taking wrong discussion actions and regain 20 for correct ones.

Inspect the Dart or Revolver in your inventory, then choose to combine them. If you lit the candle and picked up the Bottle, the teddy bear should be crying. When masks appear, let go before their eyes open, touch them to repel them, then resume holding the green button. (Note that each face appears on a set "cycle," speeding up as you progress. (If you messed with the scale already, the water may be in the yellow "Sp" room instead.) Back in the mirror room, select the Bottle and pour it on the left ice sculpture. Enter the codes to open the black and white doors and enter each. During the Main Game, you start with 100 Clout, lose 10 for taking wrong discussion actions, and regain 20 for correct ones. Choosing Sou's topic at the start is optional; if skipped, it'll come up later instead. There are up to 9 day segments and 9 attractions, and you can't repeat attractions. View Sou's statement, and Kanna's face will change while it's up - click on her. (Failing loses you Clout, but with each failure, it gets easier to succeed.) Talk to Kanna.

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This happens every time for a total of five scenes, the last being a bad ending.

You can use it up to twice with only minor impact, but if you use it a third time, you get a bad ending.

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