Dealing with intimidating employees mandy lynn dating

04-Jan-2020 17:46

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This feeling might arise because of your interpretation of the situation, or vice-versa.Is it because this person treats you with a lack of respect? For example, this person might talk over you, or they undermine your decisions.They might not be overtly aggressive, but their behavior causes you to feel small and unimportant. This person may be sensing weakness in you and see you as intimidated, and this could be as much of a problem for them as it is for you.If so, one of you must step forward to making this happen. Some people deliberately set out to intimidate others.

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As mentioned above, you will probably feel that you’re not at the same level of this person.There maybe truth in the opinions of others, but perhaps, with an open-mind, you might come to a different conclusion? You may be feeling intimidated because this person stands tall above you and their positioning and proximity could be overbearing. Is this person articulate who uses words you don’t understand?

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