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This makes Rivers a target, and the team race to find him.

After narrowing down the number of places where Rivers could be, the team stakes out the house of Rivers' cousin. Megan meets Larry at an all-night café for an early breakfast, and they discuss Megan's own decision to leave home at the age of 16.

Well I just emailed you to tell ya how much I like her shows and stuff! I always try to watch them, but I must admit I have been missin a few episodes....:( But I also have been playin Kingdom Hearts, when I figured out you were Riku I was so shocked, ( cause I thought I knew who's voice that was.

I live in New York too, but I live upstate in Middletown. I consider myself to be pretty and we should meet sometime. I liked the website, i searched it and you can make a website better than I can. Sincerly, Crystal 15 years Michigan From: [email protected]: (no subject) hello!

Ian cautions Megan about not letting Crystal's background influence Megan's perception of the case. After Larry leaves, Crystal appears and carjacks Megan.

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and could you tell me how old matt, mary, and lucy are on the show? je t\' write because you are my actor favourites because you are splendid in series of 7th heaven From: [email protected]: (no subject) David Gallaggher out of all the boys I liked youre not like the others . When I lose my way ill be okay when I think about you . Looking to show more acting depth than exhibited in his previous role in 7th Heaven, Gallagher auditioned for the role of Buck Winters.The casting director noted the difference in roles but awarded Gallagher with the role.At the FBI office, Campos tells them that Brenner was connected to the meth dealers and that Billy Rivers, Crystal's boyfriend after her relationship with Brenner, was charged along with Crystal and Campos.

Charlie assumes that Crystal and Buck are after something else, and the team realizes that Crystal wants to eliminate anyone and anything connected to her past "mistakes".

Kim Dickens, formerly of Deadwood, auditioned and won the role of Crystal.