David deangelos double your dating advanced series notes

20-Jan-2020 22:59

There were so many earth-shattering concepts in it that I was pretty much literally blown away at the time.

I remember clearly how I literally looked at women differently as I felt like I had been given a secret code to understand them, like a Rosetta stone of the female psychology.

David has alro recently updated his book to contain a lot more info and is even more helpful than before.

I highly recommend it.~Formhandle (aka Jay Valens, Fast Seduction 101 Webmaster)Tokyo PUA reviews the 2nd Edition of Double Your Dating: The first version of this book was the first full e Book that I ever read on the subject of seduction, and it was literally one of the transformative events in my life.

Because of that, was slowly trying to build my own structure and trying to find materials that are a best fit for that kind of learning.

I first read comments from David De Angelo on Cliff’s List and thought “Hey, here are things that I can do without spending a lot of time researching and practicing complicated stuff.” Soon after David put Double Your Dating together, I took a look at it and read through the whole thing and what I read was gold.

like the way she dresses, etc.3) Pretend that she’s interested in YOU, and has been pursuing YOU, and that you’re resisting her. Write it down here…” …and pay attention to the difference. If you’re particularly sharp and funny, you might just have one or two of them say “I like you…

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Tease her for something that no one teases her about… .”During the SECOND set of five, you’ll see the women opening their mouths with the “half smile, half oh-no-you-didn’t-just-say-that look”. You’ll notice that some of the women will actually look at you as if they can’t believe what they’re hearing.

I want you to do the following with the next 5 women that you talk to over the next few days…