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09-Aug-2020 14:09

“Did she die because there was something wrong with her chest? “She’s telling me how much she used to hate Christmas.” Also true.

George tells me I’m going to go back to my earlier drama career.

It seems implausible but I do have an old Equity card gathering dust somewhere. “Your aura is dark blue which means elements of past relationships have become trapped, I want it to be pink which is the colour of love.” More wand-waving. You begin to resolve a number of things and you will feel the effects by March.”My verdict: George is spookily accurate about past events but it remains to be seen whether he is right about the future.

An uplifting session, he is confident that I am not going to be a permanent singleton.l George Valentino (020 7497 2423/uk)DID IT HELP?

“Cs have learned to fend for themselves, they’re independent and strong and men see them as intimidating,” says Alun. It’s imperative, he says, I remember men “are made to slay dragons”.

He says: “Mummy’s boys won’t mind if the woman is the boss but “normal” men will resent a woman who appears stronger than him.”Alun asks me what I do when a man opens a door for me. In future I am to respond with a coquettish: “Oh why can’t I ever meet a nice, gentlemanly, single man like you? Paula’s conclusion: “You’re extremely ambivalent and you’re finding all the reasons not to have a relationship,” she says, before telling me to try internet dating.

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So, after two weeks I am slowly trying to implement the dating advice.

I have yet to register for internet dating but I did try to talk to men in a local bar although I am yet to go on a date.

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