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31-Jan-2020 02:37

Met a dude on Hinge and the first date was kind of blah.It wasn't awful, there just wasn't a ton of chemistry.) and we had a nice 20-minute chat about our plans and setting up the date for the next day. We didn't have completely firm plans, it was "ok this is what we want to do, let's see how this works and be in touch tomorrow when we have our errands/whatever done" so in the afternoon we hadn't touched base and I texted him to check and see if everything was good, no response.

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I'm honestly glad that I addressed it, but seriously, how can he be surprised to be called out on it? The past partners were pretty bad by anyone's standards but I wasn't little miss perfect either.So yesterday instead of telling him how I was, I responded with something along the lines of how it basically feels like I'm in a conversation with myself.Taking the time to answer and then being ignored or barely recognized makes me wonder why I even bother.If you're ghosting, that sucks but I won't bother you further, thanks anyway! I supposed after only 2 dates it's fine to be mostly unbothered but I'm really proud of myself.

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He was the first person I'd dated recently where I was like wow ok this is someone I'm interested in, and that's the real disappointment. If his ghosting was a conscious decision, it's better that it happened now and someone that easily scared or upset isn't right for me.It's a beautiful weekend at least where I live, and I sincerely hope everyone is taking advantage of it to recharge themselves before the drudgery of the week starts.