Dating women in indiana prison are devon werkheiser and molly mccook dating

31-Oct-2020 10:41

If you check out Breaking down the Bars and you seen the episode with Tiffany and Christina Barclay I was in that dorm. I have always longed to share my feeling while I was in there, how things are in a womens prison.

Christina was my case manager and the episode Tiffany was in when she talks about wanting out because she started her period I was working and had to inform the officer about her wanting to get out of her cell. I want to offer advice or answer questions about what it was like in there for me.

I was convicted of 7 counts of theft, a class D felony. My grandparents were caretakers of a large cemetery here in Indiana. and I will be honest with you, no sugar coating here, you my as know what to expect. Angie Hello, I happened to find this page when my husband and I did research about the prison. and I had some choice words for one of the female guards and I guess (because I don't remember much) instead of hitting her I spit on her.

I don't know if my story is of use to anyone but I feel the need reach out to those who have questions. I have always felt ashamed and told no one about it. They lived on the cemetery gounds, so I know all about the death industry, how it works. Later about 7 months later I was arrested and charged with 7 counts of theft. I am mad, hurt, glad, and disappointed after all we have been thru together. I was sentenced on March 3, my birthday was march 5. I served 8 do 4 months in Rockville for spitting on a guard in county jail. The judge was new so to make a name for himself and an example out of me he sent me to do time in DOC. I've been there 3 times for fighting but to go to prison was scary.

I will tell ya that most women in there belong there..not dead... Somewhere along the line something failed these poor women. Now typically if you got caught talking to a guard you were called a snitch. There was another one I had a major crush on lol he had some awesome tattoos.

Whether it be parents, or schools, or doctors, or life itself. I never once had an actual intelligent conversation in there. That in turn got me in a fight but I'll talk about that later. I never had a problem with any of the guards, I did make fun of the dude in the lunch room because he had the Mario mustache so I sung the theme song as I walked out the door and got reprimanded for it and had to apologize.

It's very sad, but it's nice to be able to volunteer and help!

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Actually they came as soon as I got there and left as soon as I left it was strange lol. I have served time in Rockville Correctional Facility for Women in Indiana.

I have always longed to share my feeling while I was in there, how things are in a womens prison.

I want to offer advice or answer questions about what it was like in there for me.

Recidivism is greatly reduced when an ex-offender has support from family or friends, to return to after incarceration.

Our mission is to give inmates a sense of hopefulness by connecting them to people on the "outside world." Those from all walks of life have committed to our pen-pal service to communicate with inmates and have formed nurturing and unconditional friendships.Welcome to, a pen-pal service dedicated to those in the prison system! Our goal is to reduce recidivism by giving inmates the feeling of love, affection, and belongingness which is instinctually vital to all people both free and imprisoned.

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