Dating tips for boys in hindi

27-Mar-2020 12:48

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[Read: Get a girl to like you in 8 simple steps] Learn to control your emotions It’s the emotional control of the brat boy that really makes him so desirable. But bad boys don’t make a habit of giving off this attitude with the women they trust.Girls like their space and also like to make their own decisions.When you try to impress your special person, put on a smile and a positive mood, like this your communication will be easier and smoother and you will look more attractive. Avoid gossiping, complaining, avoid negativity and discussing other people’s business, nobody likes it.Guys like girls with cheerful and ‘sunny’ dispositions. It’s unnecessary to tell the guy all about your past life and relationships straight away in the beginning of relationship, don’t make him tired or bored by your excessive talkativeness.If you really liked this person and he is meant to be for you, then you will definitely be together and you will have the time of the whole life to talk about everything.Mystery usually is attractive and he will want to know more, but there is a thin border between the mystery and secrecy, so try to feel it. If you are already crazy in love with this person, you don’t need to express it all to him, nor let him know how much he is important to you, because he can be confused and sometime even scared 🙂 This doesn’t mean that you must put on indifference, my point is : give the relationship a time to develop and wait till you grow closer to each other, then you will be able to talk about everything and openly share your love, but in the very beginning the excessive love expression can repel a person (weather a guy or a girl). And i’m not only talking about good manners, cultivate the quality of good and sincere listener, this will help a lot in the communication with other people and also with your special person. If you naturally have good sense of humour, use it, don’t suppress.We won’t be giving any manipulation tips about how to trick a person into loving you.We just will share some useful advises to keep in mind, when you really desire to explore this ‘special’ someone further and see, if the true love story can be born out of this relationship. The paradox of the whole thing is that there are no such tips and tricks that will make somebody to love you.

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So make sure, there’s a sliver of interest in all that indifference.Your arrogance is attractive, but not if you throw your weight around your girl’s life. The bubble pops once you wear your heart on your sleeves.Playing hard to get challenges her ego You think the girl who’s ready to risk her life to get a glimpse of you is cute. Well, she’d probably do that if you’ve been interacting with her, and yet, don’t give her any more attention than what you would give to just about anyone else around you. There’s more than a slight difference between playing hard to get and being indifferent. Every girl wants to know what’s going on in your mind, but when you bring that out in the open, there’s nothing more to know about you.Here is one of my favourite quotes and it’s very relevant in the area of relationships: “If you love someone, let them go. If they don’t, then it was never meant to be.” Manipulative or forceful relationships never last.

If the guy was meant to be for you – you will be together and amazingly happy!

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