Dating the same person twice accomodating change

27-Dec-2019 20:54

They shared their college experiences together and they enjoyed it.

They both pursued degrees using student loans and scholarships.

Within six months though, they were talking to each other on the phone and those phone conversations led to coffee dates and lunch meetings.

For some reason, outside of the bonds of matrimony, they were remembering all the reasons why they came together in the first place.

They’ve decided to wait until their fifth year of marriage before having children – but they honestly feel like they will make it this time and when it comes to talking an issue to death – they can do it – but the open hostilities that marked their first marriage are no longer present.

Do you know anyone who married the same person twice?

Have you ever wondered why anyone would marry the same person twice?

We hardly wonder why one person agrees to marry another person – we assume they fall in love or that an arrangement has been reached where marriage is the mutually decided upon choice.

From the first day of their marriage, they fought and they argued.

They were able to enjoy each other and recapture the love that brought them together in the first place.

But they were afraid – afraid that marriage would tear them apart once more.

They divorced before their seventh year of marriage.

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The divorce was not acrimonious, but over the next three years, they would call and reach out to each other.

So they both sought counseling, individually and together.