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29-Sep-2020 16:03

Balancing these criteria is not easy: Badoo has existed for 12 years, passed through several redesigns, conducts a lot of A/B testing and has an extensive code base.

About a year ago, Badoo began to develop a single design system to support UI applications at the right level which is now used by designers and developers.

In the Main Hall: Ilya Kulebyakin, i OS Team Lead and Azret Magometov, Android Team Lead.

In the President Hall: Alena Kirillova, QA Team Lead and Nikita Cyganov, Android Team Lead.

In this talk you can learn about how Google Pay works, what are the advantages, general UX guidelines and how to integrate the API in a few simple steps.

Dive into the things that really matter for maintainable architecture in i OS apps: • Design Patterns are part of your toolbox, but you need to be pragmatic, • MVC vs MVVM, • View Controller is part of a View layer in both patterns, • The biggest mistake people make with both patterns -Join the e-Legion Quiz for i OS developers.

Badoo is the world's largest dating service with an audience of more than 390 million users.

The speed of development and the quality of functionality are critical.

Google Pay API gives a faster, simpler and safer way to pay in your app or on your website.All the contest participants will have a chance to join the ROSBANK team.