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26-Oct-2019 12:47

If a guy gets “scared off” by the prospect of dating a woman with a kid, then he would have been a waste of time anyway.If you’re wondering when to introduce your kid to your new beau, the research has found that more than half of women wait until they’ve committed to a serious relationship.

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There are plenty of men out there who don’t have kids of their own but are super enthusiastic about adopting the father role to a kid that isn’t biologically theirs.Not mentioning them feels like a fairly flagrant omission.But, on the other hand, some women worry that bringing up kids on a first date might trigger a man’s “fight or flight” response—namely, the “flight” part.On average, the mothers were 47.7 years old and had 2 children.

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67.6% are divorced, 16.1% are widowed, and 16.3% were never married.About 33 percent said that they introduce them after a few months, regardless of their status, and another 10 percent said they’d be fine with it after just a few dates.