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01-Dec-2019 04:25

This isn’t an easy thing to do, but if you can pull it off it can pay off in spades.Of course you will have a much better chance of this if you can speak some Danish.In truth Denmark is known to be very sexually liberal.Casual sex isn’t viewed as being a big deal here like it is in many other places around the world.You could also try to meet single women during the day all along Stroget shopping street.The area around Stork Fountain Square will have a lot of cute girls passing by, but this whole street is just loaded with girls when the weather is nice.

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There are some very hot Danish ladies around who will be worth putting in some effort for.On the other hand there are many places to find orgies in Denmark that you may want to hit up.Not all guys want to try to go out and pick up girls at bars or nightclubs.There is a common phrase in the male travel blog sector called ‘bitch shields’ and yes, most women in Denmark have pretty strong bitch shields.

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Don’t be surprised if you get some very cold reactions when you try to chat them up.For local guys who live here this is only a minor problem, they have the time to work their way in to different social circles and make their move from the inside. On a short vacation you are going to have a hard time doing that, but it isn’t impossible.