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12-Sep-2019 18:10

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"“Because I am like a girl I was raped in Farah province, with a pistol to my head when I was 22 in 2014. Credit: Ahmad Faizi“Following this my mum sent me to Kabul and I stayed there for six months. It is difficult to meet another man for serious relationship because everyone is scared about getting killed and revealing their sexuality.

I lodged a complaint against the perpetrator but I was asked to take the complaint back with the suggestion that rape was my fault and I should have left because honour is more important than life. There are many insurgents and organised groups in Kabul.

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However, the UK Home office guidance on sexual orientation and gender identity on Afghanistan states that if an Afghan gay person could “conceal aspects of his or her sexual orientation/identity […] they may not have a well-founded fear of persecution” Asked to comment on this, the Director of the LGBT organisation is flabbergasted: “how could someone conceal their sexual orientation? I almost always feel helpless.” One such case is that of Ahmad Faizi, a 26-year-old Pashtoon man, at present in Herat province.

It is naïve of the British government to think that this community is safe here. Ahmad Faizi is on the run, afraid of getting killed by his male family members, the government and community leaders. “[I am] tired of escaping and I want the world to know my story”, he says.