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28-Aug-2020 14:16

We can now learn a lot about their origins, which type of fighting style they used, and the type of diseases they were exposed to,” he says.--------------- Read the original Danish article at Translated by: Catherine Jex COMMENT: Private companies and public sectors collect our data every day and minute.The Repton grave has given archaeologists headaches for many years, ever since it was first discovered in 1979.At first, they were certain that it was a Viking grave, but subsequent radiocarbon dating showed that this was not the case."Meanwhile, lots of other traces of the Viking Great Army began to appear, such as some beautiful treasures and another winter camp.But Repton, the first and most interesting discovery, was out of the picture,” says Sindbæk.“It’s the best described error in radiocarbon dating, and today we can easily correct for it.

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“It’s a very famous discovery and you can find pictures of it in almost all books on the Viking Age.

We have now taken Repton back,” says archaeologist Søren Sindbæk from Aarhus University, who was not involved with the new research to re-date the remains.

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